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I went to a funeral today.  One of my favorite patients came for his routine appointment yesterday, stood matter-of-factly at the front desk and announced, “R died.” “What?” “R died.” “Are you joking?  What?” She died.  Unexpectedly, R.  She was … Continue reading

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What Ever Happened to Patch Adams? Part 2

What Ever Happened to Patch Adams? What DID ever happen to Patch Adams?  I remember the movie, the star, the eccentric character he portrayed, and an idea; humor, laughter, silliness as a form of treatment for medical issues.  That’s just … Continue reading

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Take Two LOL’s and Call Me in the Morning

Has everyone on earth simultaneously become too serious or is it just me?  Doesn’t anyone ever laugh anymore?  Everyone seems so angry, so easily offended, maybe it’s overcrowding, global warming, poisoned water, oppression, illness, or the collective lousy jobs with … Continue reading

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What Ever Happened to Patch Adams?

There is this unspoken line that is not supposed to be crossed when you are a doctor, not with your patients, not with the nurses, and not with your office staff.  There is this unspoken line that the doctor is … Continue reading

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To You

To You my Muslim, Jewish, Gay, Black, and Brown Brothers and Sisters I will not hate You Like a table piled high with rancid meat The bounty of the beast I will not taste the lies I will not chew … Continue reading

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Running Etiquette

Why Run? I like to run.  I haven’t blogged about it much, because I’m annoyed with running right now.  My last race (before today) was a half marathon.  It was great, I felt great until afterwards when my left hip … Continue reading

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How Would a Trump Presidency Affect U.S. Healthcare?

Experts predict that Donald Trump will win the U.S. Republican Presidential nomination.  Because he is a novice politician, it is difficult to predict how he stands on certain issues.  He has vacillated from prochoice to pro life, antiwar to pro … Continue reading

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