1. This blog is a work in progress
  2. It’s an outlet
  3. Taking care of people is hard
  4. Taking care of people is rewarding
  5. Sometimes you’ve just got to vent
  6. Drinking is not a viable option
  7. Suicide rates are higher among physicians than any other profession
  8. Why is that?
  9. Because we aren’t aloud to be human, have emotion, express emotion, be flawed
  10. I’m flawed
  11. I have friends that are just like me
  12. Friends that are doctors, PA’s, NP’s, nurses, EMS, caretakers, patients, survivors
  13. I would like them to have a place to vent, too
  14. Let’s see where this thing goes
  15. Join me

IMG_0794Blogger sounds like jogger, doesn’t it? Runners don’t like to be called joggers because they don’t jog, they run. I run. Not well. I am probably more of a jogger than I’d like to admit. I like to write. I am a writer. Not well. I am definitely a blogger.

Mostly I’m a wife, mother, daughter, friend, AND doctor. I have this unyielding desire to help people fulfill their potential. I have no idea where this comes from. Even when I am running (or jogging) in a race, I find myself smiling and rooting for the 75 year-old man that passes me. I want him to be successful even at my own expense.

Do you want the resume? Please say no. Just take my word for it.  I will not give out personal/individual medical advice, however, that is not the purpose of this blog. I do that in my work for my patients. The purpose of this blog is to express what is not discussed by the professionals in the medical field. The part that maintains that I am human, that we are all human. It is an exploration of the medical profession that is designed to help those in need often at the expense of the provider. It is the sharing of thoughts/feelings/motives that underscore a career that has the distinctive yet deplorable statistic of having the most suicides.

It is a blog about humor. Why shouldn’t we find the humor in the midst of sadness and loss, pain and fear, illness and death? Someone really wise once said a long time ago that laughter is the best medicine. I happen to agree. Life is going to happen to all of us, doctor and patient, alike. Doctors are not immune to the “bad things” that can happen in life. Healthcare providers have spent a lot of time covering up that little fact. It’s part of the mystique. It’s part of the reason that doctors are revered. It’s part of the reason that so many providers find themselves burnt out, disillusioned, angry, frustrated, disgruntled, and desperate.

It’s not all gloom and doom. This blog should be fun and sad and poignant and whimsical and serious and __________ (fill in the blank).