When Nature Calls

aussie-dunny-1201967-640x960I find it comical  that people are debating whether transgendered persons can use the gendered bathroom of their choice.  I live outside of Charlotte, NC and this is big news.  It is ludicrous.  Use whatever damn bathroom you want.  I wish I could use my own bathroom in peace, but that’s not going to happen as long as I have kids, a dog, and a husband.  I am so used to eliminating my wastes in front of another being that it does not even phase me anymore.  I will poop in a public bathroom while you are in the stall next to me.  Whether you have a penis, vagina, or both doesn’t really matter.  When I have to go, I’m going.  There is no need to inconvenience my intestines any longer.  I am passed that stage of my life.

Where there’s a poop, there’s a way.

The problem is people are afraid that allowing men in women’s bathrooms even under the guise of being transgendered will lead to rape or child molestation -as if a woman having her pants down around her ankles invites such behavior from men.  No one seems to be arguing the case against a transgendered woman using the men’s bathroom.  Which if I were inclined to lie, might come in useful when the line to the women’s restroom wraps around the building and the men just breeze in and breeze out of their restrooms.  My theory is they don’t stop to wash their hands…

When I was probably 20, I traveled to Germany with my then boyfriend and his best friend, who happened to be German.  We stayed about 2 weeks and traveled all over Germany and France.  On one of our excursions, we went to a water park in Germany.  Being a typical Floridian, I wore my bathing suit to the park.  In Florida, you pretty much live in your bathing suit.  You get in and out of the water constantly, dry off and put your clothes back on top. Or just wear a pair of shorts.

My recollection of this episode is close to 20 years old now, but this is what I remember:

  • We walked through a changing area to get into the water park
  • I already had my bathing suit on so I just kept walking
  • Men, women, and children were getting into their bathing suits
  • Grandma boobs, Grandpa balls, naked children, the hairiest armpits you have ever seen (not to mention other areas) were all on display
  • And no one gave a shit
  • No one was molesting children, no one was raping women, no one was even looking at all the nudity, except me
  • Because I’m American and I’ve been conditioned to think nudity is perverted
  • That nudity=sex
  • And that was MY problem not theirs, but I was really glad that I already had my bathing suit on
  • Their was a hot tub-type area and everyone took off their clothes to get in, except me and my boyfriend
  • His best friend laughed at us and started to take off his pants and I absolutely forbid him
  • Because I was going to look and forever have the image of his man parts burned into my brain
  • So we were the only 3 people in our swimsuits in the hot tub full of Germans

Perverts are going to be perverts no matter what.  There are laws against that.  Allowing transgendered their dignity does not give perverts permission to break the law.  Does it matter what genitals are on the person next to me in the stall of a public bathroom?  Dear lord, no.  Shit or get off the pot.  I need to go.  Everyone else needs to get over it.

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9 Responses to When Nature Calls

  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Yes, stalls (with doors) vs open urinals. Transgenderism makes not a pedophile. People can and will be homophobic/transposition because people are people. It’s sad, really really sad.

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  2. momsranting says:

    Aaaarrrggghhh, I can’t get the phrase “grandpa balls” out of my head!! Totally agree with you, and I also relate to the breast feeding business. When I started nursing, I was so careful and worried about lifting my shirt, or even nursing covered up in public…because people would KNOW my boob was being sucked on. By the last kid…I was pretty much sitting around shirtless and pumping all day long. The toddler at the time liked to take turns pumping with me, like we were having a milking contest. I always won.

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  3. 2ndhalfolife says:

    I completely agree! We are so hung up. Some other blogger wrote a post about how horrified that a woman was breastfeeding a 5 year old. She kept referring to breasts as boobs etc. I told her that it’s our hang up in THIS country because breasts are boob not something that is useful for feeding children. In many countries, it’s pretty common and maybe even necessary. It is only sexual here. What a woman decides to do is her business, just mind your own. Funny, but this kind of makes me think about what the Pope said today. After Mississippi passed the bill where businesses can choose not to do business with LBGT community. Yet the Pope, in a round about way, gave permission to individual congregations to deal with divorce and ‘special’ situations themselves. Wow, Mississippi should take a hint.

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    • It seems so simple doesn’t it? I used to be so self conscious with breastfeeding my children for the very reason that people are so judgmental. What a natural human function! And yes it is about survival for the infant! Ugh. The Pope blows my mind! I have heard snippets on the news, but have not read any excerpts of his recent message myself. Haha as I write this, I just heard on the news that Springsteen has cancelled his concert in NC in protest of this crazy bathroom law!

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