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Jar-ring and Farting

I have this affinity for old things collected in glass jars. I love jars full of buttons, screws and metal bits, watch parts, shiny rocks, beads, and broken jewelry. I use all of these things in this little weird side … Continue reading

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I’ve had it up to hair

About a month before the initial lockdown response, I got my hair cut. I wanted something cute and sassy. I typically cut and color my own hair, I’ve done it for years, but this time I wanted a professional to … Continue reading

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Faith and Fairies

At some point, one just has to get out of the funk. One just has to say OK, kid, wash your face, comb your hair and put down the junk food, it’s time to see the sun again. Today could … Continue reading

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The Truth Hurts

I get up pretty early, even on the weekends. It’s automatic even if I try to sleep-in, the best I can do is 7:30. I like the time in the morning before the sun rises, before my family stumbles out … Continue reading

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Good Grief

Grief is a funny thing. Once you think you’ve mastered it, tucked it in a front shirt pocket over the heart where it can come along for the ride, but not get in the way, you end up leaning over … Continue reading

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Today Was a Good Day

For some reason the blue of the sky seemed bluer today. The yellow and orange of the changing leaves against the backdrop of the sky seemed more vibrant. A weight was lifted. It was as if gravity itself was lighter. … Continue reading

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First Do No Harm

A gentle reminder, on occasion I moonlight for the Shinbone Star, the best little political blog on the world. I joined the mostly disgruntled mostly retired journalists and editors about 4 years ago when all hell broke loose in America. … Continue reading

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After Life

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with death. It is not clear to me when this started. I think I let it out of my subconscious 4 years ago after the sudden death of my mom. There was something … Continue reading

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Postcards from the Edge

The news cycle can be overwhelming. The onslaught of conspiracy theories, half truths, and misinformation that comes from social media and not so respectable news sources is a never ending battle. Who do you trust? Who is trying to manipulate? … Continue reading

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It’s Alive

In case you were wondering, I survived the coronavirus and so did my husband and kids. It’s been over a month since our collective illnesses and everyone is back to normal. To be clear, it started with me. A few … Continue reading

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