Singing Mammo-gram


Pre-Mammogram Selfie

I had my first mammogram today and you know what?

It wasn’t bad at all.

How many hundreds of mammograms have I ordered over the years?  How many times have I reassured women, it isn’t that bad, without really knowing from personal experience. Now I know and it was no big deal.

I am about a year and half late getting it, though.  That’s not good.  I finally made myself the priority and made the appointment.  I finally took my own advice.  I finally decided to take care of myself by letting someone else take care of me.  Meaning, I went to the doctor.  I was the patient for once.

I have always been a firm believer in prevention.  An ounce of prevention is worth a bird in each bush.  Isn’t that the saying?  I’m really bad at those.  I can’t tell jokes, either.

I always want to be prepared, ready, I want to know what’s coming my way.  I want to face things head on, knowledgeable and aware.  I don’t want to ignore something, waiting around wondering –what’s going on, what’s this lump?

I made the appointment for my physical probably a year ago, but then the doc cancelled.  I made another appointment and then I cancelled that one, something just came up.  Then I just ignored the subsequent onslaught of emails and texts saying you need to reschedule your appointment.  So unlike me.  But also very much like me, because it was about me.

I don’t have time for me.  I know that sounds ridiculous.

When my patients tell me that they don’t have time to exercise, eat right, take care of themselves, I tell them -make time!  Find time!  Carve out a piece for you!  No excuses!

What an ass.

I did it.  I made the appointment.  I had my labs drawn.  I got my mammogram.  My physical.  My flu shot.  I’m ready.  I am prepared.  Now I don’t feel like a hypocrite when I tell my patients to do the same.  Now I can rub it in their faces.  And yours, too.  In a nice way, of course.

Make the time for yourself.  Make the appointment.  Get the test.  It really isn’t that big of a deal.

And now I know.


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20 Responses to Singing Mammo-gram

  1. momsranting says:

    Ah, I’m coming up on being a year late for my first one….. perhaps you’ll inspire me to be less of a hypocrite too. But honestly, I’m super late getting my hair done and I think I’ll probably make an appointment for botox as a birthday present before I actually get around to the boob thing. So right now it’s 3rd on my list of “me” things… but at least I know it won’t kill me 🙂

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  2. 2ndhalfolife says:

    Whew I thought you were going to have a during the mammo selfie too! 🙂

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  3. conflictedhealth says:

    Good for you! It sounds like quite the experience!

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  4. Good for you. Now you can breathe easy for a year and please repeat the same- mammogram that is. 🙂

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  5. Barbara says:

    You do hear horrendous stories about the good old mammogram, but as you say they really aren’t that bad. I always felt cared for too but glad when the box was ticked. Now I need to book an appointment for the 6 month dentist check up. Always something.

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  6. I love that line about rubbing it in our faces! 😆 A lot of the women in my life have made mammograms sound absolutely terrible, so I’m glad to hear at least from one person that it’s not that bad!

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  7. drugopinions says:

    I am glad you finally got to do things for yourself, to take care of yourself. Bravo!

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  8. I admire you for going through with what you’d told others to do. Then again, I’m sorry to be the odd woman out: I think that mammograms are actually a very big deal. I hate them – as well the MAN who was so ignorant of women’s bodies that he designed such a despicable vessel of torture. I also hate how much radiation my body – my BREASTS! – were exposed to. So, after much research, consultation, etc (and despite cases of breast cancer in my family), I decided to switch to ultrasounds instead. On all counts, I live and sleep much better with this decision – though I understand and respect every woman’s right to make her own choice.

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  9. newnormalgal says:

    I had one mammogram previous to the one I had last year that confirmed I had breast cancer. I was only 40 years old. You’re never to young (or old) to get one. Early detection is key – look how drastically things changed for me in just a year. I heard there is a big push to make the recommended age from 50 to 40. It is probably a good idea!

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    • It is still 40 for now… The United States Preventative Task Force recommended that the age be changed to 50 for mammogram screenings, but NO one else agreed so we keep doing what we’ve always done screening women at 40😊

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  10. Deb says:

    Good for you. Mammo’s ARE truly no big deal, although the tech that did my last one smelled so much of cigarette smoke that I almost asked for a fan to blow on me when she was standing so close to position my breast in the machine. At least her hands were warm… 🙂

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