Decomposing Doctor

IMG_1568To say that I love Halloween is an understatement.

We play a little game in our house called, “would you rather.”  My son usually instigates the game at random times that make absolutely no sense.  While driving my firstborn to the dentist the other day he asked, “mom, would you rather celebrate Christmas every day or Halloween every day?”

I gave his question careful consideration.

That’s a no-brainer -Halloween, of course!

He didn’t agree.  He picked Christmas.

While waiting for his appointment, I had time to ponder the implications of a world with constant Halloween.  To celebrate Halloween every day would be a dream come true.  I would prowl around at night with a full moon illuminating my way, asking unsuspecting neighbors for candy.  The cool crisp night air, the chocolate high, the wolf howling in the distance, spider webs hanging from the windows of abandoned buildings, black cats crossing my path.  Oh the joys of Halloween every day!

I would have an enormous closet filled with costumes and everyday I would dress as something or someone completely different.  I would have wigs and jewelry and scary masks and a very cool pirate outfit and full zombie attire and a Marie-Antionette dress complete with a plate of cake.  My options would be limitless.

I suppose this is why people participate in Cosplay.  I never got into this.  Not sure why.  Maybe because sadly Halloween isn’t everyday and pretending it is kind of makes you a weirdo.  Now being a weirdo is very enticing to me, but I’m sure people coming to me for medical advice would prefer a non-weirdo.  It’s just more reassuring to them.  Their loss.

But thankfully, Halloween does exist and for one day out of the year, I get to be my inner weirdo.  I get to bring it out to the surface and it’s OK.  I can even go to work and be a doctor in full weirdo regalia on that day.  The best day of the year.  Halloween.

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16 Responses to Decomposing Doctor

  1. 2ndhalfolife says:

    Well, most doctors are weirdos, but not in the RIGHT way. YOU of course, ARE a doctor weird in the best possible way. love love love. xoxo

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  2. montaymd says:

    Here’s a thumbs up to your inner weirdo

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  3. newnormalgal says:

    I have been a Wicca for most of my life. For us, “Halloween” is actually Samhain and our “New Year”. It is the time of year where the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest – and gives us the opportunity to communicate with our departed ancestors. I only bring this up because just like Christmas is holy to Christians, Samhain (or Halloween) is deeply religious to Wiccas and others of Pagan faith. A lot of folks don’t realize it is a religious holiday to Pagans all over the world, but it is a holiday we hold close in our hearts. It goes beyond just dressing in costume; although, most Wiccans/pagans you talk to are just elated that you do. I make the distinction between Wiccans and pagans because just like Christianity:not all groups are mutual exclusive. Not all pagans are Wiccan; there are several sects that fall under the “Pagan” umbrella.

    Today is Samhain (pronounced “sow-WHEN”) Eve. My parents and friends will come over for a feast – much like Christians do for Christmas Eve/Day. I think the exception is we will light prayer (or 7 day) candles for our departed loved ones. We will also talk extensively about whom we have lost over our lifetimes and pray that they have crossed over and back again. A lot of people think Halloween is just about costumes and candy, but for us, it is much more. There are traditional menus, depending on the pantheon the person follows. Today, my house will be filled with the aromas of Colcannon: potatoes and cabbage…but I add smoked sausage as well. We will also have creamed corned and apple pies. We are no different than anyone else: we just follow a poly – rather than mono – theistic faith.

    Blessed be and may your Samhain – or Halloween – be filled with love and light.

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  4. Both doctors love Halloween. I’d never have guessed. Your photo is great.

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  5. Victo Dolore says:

    It DOES need to be at least twice a year, I think. I love Halloween!

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