In Montana an assault on a reporter and an assault on truth

The folks at The Shinbone Star don’t take too kindly to the rabble rousing in Montana this week.  To call it rabble rousing would be an understatement, it was down right assault when Greg Gianforte, at the time campaigning for a seat in the US House of Representatives, can be heard tussling with a reporter.  On tape, he is accused of body slamming the reporter and he offers no defense, no denials.  He later issues an apology.  There is no question that it happened.  The question is -do we tolerate such behavior?  It seems the answer is -yes, as he was easily elected to be a representative in Congress.

As you can imagine, a group of reporters and editors had a lot to say about the incident.  Listen in to their conversation….


In Montana on Thursday, Republican Greg Gianforte won election to the U.S. House of Representatives despite the fact that the day before, he body-slammed a reporter for asking a question. As outraged as we are here at The Shinbone Star, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that a significant number of Americans — both in […]

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  1. I couldn’t believe it! Yep, another great example for our children to see and then we wonder about why you see things like the recent 100% unprovoked attack on a poor 91 year old gentlemen!!! What’s happened that this behavior is ok – especially a public official!

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  3. You didn’t mention another alarming fact of what played out in Montana: Not only did the brawler initially refuse to repent or apologize, but his campaign released a statement accusing the reporter of being the aggressor and lying about many aspects even though there were eyewitnesses. Not only was Gianforte’s version rife with lies, but the witnesses — a Fox TV crew — reported an even more violent account of what took place, complete with punching and grabbing the reporter by the neck. It is interesting to note that in Gianforte’s version Mr. Jacobs was described as being a “liberal” journalist. In describing him that way, it is clear a decision was made to deflect and then attack this person who they identified as a person representing a media outlet not aligned with the candidate’s views. So much for democratic ideals. Let’s be very clear about the many important messages here: the conservative agenda to demonize the media under Trump’s leadership makes violence more likely and even acceptable to many judging by the hooting and hollering that accompanied Gianforte’s purported apology. Although GOP leaders and minions want to blame others — someone, anyone, everyone else — the lies being presented by the campaign’s account of what transpired prove truth and respect have no place in Republican-led politics at this point. Yes, it’s come to that. But journalists are not going away, you can’t always sell Republican lies when other evidence exists, and those once branded deplorables are now becoming indictables. Many will keep laughing at violence. They will keep avoiding the issues and embracing the ludicrous idea of alternative facts. Meanwhile, the special counsel will keep working. Some Republicans will decide behavior based on a semblance of conscience and some measure of truth eventually must outweigh partisanship. And Trump, Kushner, Flynn and others can spend more and more time responding to subpoenas. Let the “Lock them up” chants begin.

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    • Well said! It is incomprehensible that people of any party and especially the self proclaimed party of Christianity would defend or encourage such behavior. Great points! I think there will be more of these episodes as people become emboldened by their leaders to act like thugs when simply being asked a question that points out their ambiguities.


  4. It is becoming the norm unfortunately 😑

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