Racism in America: Am I part of the problem? — THE SHINBONE STAR

I’m moonlighting over at the Shinbone Star today.  I talk about a test I took that measures implicit biases about race.  You can take the test, too.  If you are comfortable, let me know how you scored and what that score means to you.  The only way to overcome our unconscious biases is to communicate with each other, face our biases, and work to together to overcome them.

It is a universal truth that a racist is an ignorant sort, both vile and evil. To be racist is to be embroiled in an ancient conspiracy that the color of every human’s outer layer of skin denotes inherent qualities of good and evil. A racist perpetuates this conspiracy — always in his own favor. […]

via Racism in America: Am I part of the problem? — THE SHINBONE STAR

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5 Responses to Racism in America: Am I part of the problem? — THE SHINBONE STAR

  1. 2ndhalfolife says:

    So I took it again and it found that I have a preference for black people over white! Not really surprising as my most dear friend is black. 🙂

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  2. 2ndhalfolife says:

    Ok I may check it out then

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  3. 2ndhalfolife says:

    I went on the website with the intention of taking the test. I read about it, but I didn’t want to start it and screw them up because it was befuddling to me. Unless I wasn’t understanding it. If the choices are things like: gay people/bad or straight people/good or vice versa…then I really wouldn’t know how to answer because I don’t think my answer is that clear cut. There are good and bad in both. So I was afraid to start a test like this because humans are just so complicated…how do you really test that? Like when you were explaining yourself….do you really now consider yourself biased because this test told you that you were? Of course we can always do better when it comes to being a human, but I feel if we keep kindness and compassion at our core, and take each human as they come to us and treat them with respect, then hopefully we’ll be OK.

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    • It isn’t that one is bad or good but how fast you associate a pic or word with the corresponding pic or word. For instance when good and black are paired together, I am slower to pair a bad word with white. It’s hard to explain and easier you see for yourself. I definitely think there are inherent biases that are subconscious. I want to bring them to the surface and unlearn them😊

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