I take a trip to see the dick doctor

I didn’t see the dick doctor, but my friend, Glenn did.  Check out his hilarious and poignant take on a cancer scare that not many talk about.  His blog is called Roamin’ Gnomials and when he is isn’t correcting our grammar and poor sentence structure at The Shinbone Star, he’s giving us the chuckles and feels over there.

After almost six months without a post here on Roamin’ Gnomials, I knew I’d need some momentous occasion if I was going to come back with a splash. My trip to the dick doctor just might have provided it. I kept it a secret from almost everyone, but for some weeks I’d been having a […]

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  1. This is so funny but also contains a good message about getting checked out. I am always looking for other humor writers who are actually funny – which Glenn is. I have a lot in common with him – I am the youngest in a family that has had a lot of cancer. I was complacent about keeping up with my colonoscopy since I had two priors that were fine, and though overdue, finally had my latest in October. They found precancerous polyps and I wrote a humorous piece about it but ended with a similar message to Glenn’s – get checked out. BTW, we used to have a urologist in my area whose first name was Dick and his last name was Long. Is that the best name ever for a urologist?

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