My Pleasure

imagesAm I the only one that is disturbed when the shiny-overly-smiling-faced purveyor of my chicken sandwich at the Chick Fil A drive thru responds to a simple “thank you for my chicken sandwich,” with “my pleasure”?

I think it’s overkill and insincere. I have never in my life felt the need to respond in anyway to anything with “my pleasure.” It’s creepy. Does it really give you pleasure to put a chicken sandwich in a bag and hand it to me for minimum wage? When I think of things that could possibly give me pleasure several options come to mind, none of them involving chicken.

  • Getting a foot rub by Aqua-man
  • Meeting Stephen King and becoming best friends
  • Drinking red wine from the skull of my enemy
  • Finding the most amazing piece of junk at the Goodwill
  • Eating key lime pie while in Key West
  • Warm chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven
  • Riding horseback with my arms wrapped around the Witcher and my face buried in his long white locks

I once asked someone who I knew that had worked at Chick Fil A if corporate made them say “my pleasure, ” and she said they DID NOT.  What? Impossible!! How can all the people at all the Chick Fil A’s happen upon this odd way of saying “thank you,” all at the same time without a corporate-wide mandate??

Nope, she said, they don’t tell us to say, “my pleasure.”

Liar. Brainwashed. Or perhaps her brain was wiped clean after she no longer worked there. If it wasn’t for their chicken being so damn good I would stop going. I tried to find an alternative by checking out the local Popeye’s which happens to be over 20 miles away. The famous chicken sandwich that nearly broke the internet was pretty good, but not Chick Fil A good. The service was awful and no one said “you’re welcome” or “my pleasure” or really anything at all. Their eyes said all I needed to know. It was more like take your chicken sandwich and get the hell out of here! I kind of liked that attitude. It was sincere, honest.

Making chicken for minimum wage can not be a pleasure. Barely surviving can not produce shiny smiling faces that are just so happy to serve me dead fried foul. Where is the pleasure in that for the server or for the one being served? Who am I kidding? I don’t feel all that great about it either. Eating a living creature that was breaded and fried, slapped on bread and placed in a non biodegradable package just isn’t a pleasurable experience at all. Maybe next time I get a hankering for a chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A -I’ll just have a wonderful, healthy, nourishing, pleasurable….salad.



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16 Responses to My Pleasure

  1. dfolstad58 says:

    Love this post, you have such a quick dry sarcastic wit but it is clean and fun. So many parts and quips made me chuckle. Lines like “getting a foot rub from Aquaman”, “drinking wine from the skull of my enemy” (internal Whoa!) changed the whole slant of the post from a rant to humour.

    I do doubt that her brain was wiped clean by the Borg. I actually can relate, I have felt sometimes like I only open my mouth to change feet. That server was having I think a great day, her job paid minimum wage, but her life didn’t suck. I remember going through a drive through at the Golden M and to me it sucked when the server just handed me the bag and that was it. That irked me and I wished that person would find a different job if they were unhappy.

    Life is easier when you smile, dialysis taught me that.

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  2. Val says:

    I say ‘my pleasure’ all the time. Even when it isn’t. It’s a habit. On the other hand, maybe he was taken with the look of your face.

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  3. Create Space says:

    Maybe that person has something no wage can buy, maybe they have discovered the secret to a happy life, where they feel they, in their own small way, make a difference. Maybe they have found Adler’s Crucial C’s..

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  4. Dewy says:

    Hehehe it’s like me and my KFC fix..I love KFC..even though I used to work there years ago 😍 over here we now have Gami chicken which is the Korean version it is much better than KFC ..Still..

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  5. Deb says:

    Ya, I wouldn’t buy the fake response either not matter how good the chicken is, but then again, I have issues with any company originally called Dwarf House or whose current executive line now lists “Bubba” in leadership.

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  6. Glenn Redus says:

    And after you’re through eating your Chick Fil A, you can hurry over to Hobby Lobby for some more good feels! Yes, I’ve eaten at Chick Fil A a time or two, but never found it all that special.

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