Spirit Animal

hummingbird-flying-1385456-640x480We sat across from each other, my laptop resting on the exam table while I explained the intricacies of her lab values.  Nothing was amiss.  She was in relatively good health despite having diabetes and breast cancer.  She listened intently.  Her face softened while I commented on her “perfect Hemoglobin A1c.”

She straightened her long skirt that dragged the floor when she walked.  She looked at me warmly with a sly smile on her face.  Dr. Vass, she said, I just realized what your spirit animal is do you want me to tell you?

I laughed, a little surprised at the strange request.  OK.  I’ll play along.  What’s my spirit animal?

You are a hummingbird.  You flitter about, happily, moving from one room to another like a hummingbird visiting the flowers.  I love to watch the hummingbirds, they make me so happy.

How delightful.  I’ll take it.  What exactly is a spirit animal?  A spirit animal is a creature that embodies certain personality traits of a person.  Someone’s spirit animal can also be one that they would aspire to be more like, i.e. embody courage, steadfastness, intelligence.

Inspired by the conversation, I decided to give my husband, children, and best friend a spirit animal.

  1. Husband:  A deer.  A deer is strong and mighty, but not fierce.  It’s power is not found in its ability to claw or tear with its teeth.  It is patient, curious, but cautious.  It is quick-footed and gentle.
  2. Son:  A chimpanzee.  Intelligent.  Spirited.  Silly.  A chimpanzee has the ability to be fierce, but prefers a happier existence of lying around and socializing.
  3. Daughter:  A cat.  Cats lounge around the house, find a sunny spot on the floor and curl up in a ball.  They also get to decide who pets them and when.  They usually enjoy their own company and seek out affection from a chosen few.  They are mysterious.
  4. Amber:  A dolphin.  Dolphins are sleek and playful, but serious and focused.  They can kill a shark when necessary, but they are helpful, joyful, and balanced.  They swim and breathe air.  They master two worlds.

What’s your spirit animal?  Need help deciding?  Here’s a website that I found helpful.

Spirit Animal


Image credit:  Santiago Cornejo

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  1. 2ndhalfolife says:

    I have two and have for many years: interestingly one is a hummingbird also, my other is the hawk. I have tattoos of both 🙂 Opposite birds, but both for very definite reasons.

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