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drop-of-dew-1331679-639x947Somewhere out there in internet land I read that the most annoying, disliked, wretch-inducing word is moist.  It is pretty disgusting.  Except when referencing a cake.  A moist cake sounds quite delicious.  I don’t thing a dry cake or a wet cake sounds appealing, but a moist cake, now that’s something I could sink my teeth into.

I’m really not a fan of the word blog, either.  I think it sounds like a moist fart.  A burp.  A stomach growl.  Something that Jabba the Hut would produce from his nether regions.  In order to try to deflect from my personal dislike of both words, I decided to put them together.  Moist Blog.  Maybe by combining the power of the yuckiness of the two words, a more satiating concept will form.

Moist denotes something akin to being half-assed.  It is neither wet nor dry, it’s somewhere in the middle, sadly mediocre.  It is your brow on a humid day.  It is your armpits when the boss puts you on the spot at the company meeting.  It’s my bare toes in my ballerina flats when I forget to wear those little annoying footy socks.  Moist is a holding pattern.  It’s in between.  It’s stagnant.  It’s when I keep getting in and out of the pool and stay in my bathing suit all day.   Moist is where yeast likes to grow.  And fungus.  Mushrooms love a nice moist dog turd (are you guys still reading this?  Have you felt the need to hurl, yet?).

A Moist Blog perhaps is a blog that has been left outside all night, forgotten.  By morning, a nice layer of dew has formed.  Like potential.  Or maybe it’s been left sitting beside a waterfall and now a refreshing film of mist covers it.  Or maybe it is a perfectly baked cake.  Not too dry.  Crumbly bits of words hidden under a layer of chocolate icing.

I think it’s working, I think the two words together are much better than they are apart.

I think I might like the idea of a moist blog.  It is alive, refreshing, and full of potential, but without the calories of a moist cake.

What words do you find nauseating?  Perhaps the word, nauseating?


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10 Responses to My Moist Blog

  1. 2ndhalfolife says:

    I love this! There’s a word I find gross, but I’m not sure I can mention it on here. 🙂 We used to look it up on the internet to hear in pronounced in audio. Ha ha.

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  2. Deb says:

    phlegm. I even shuddered writing that word. It ALWAYS brings me back to a wonderful, lovely, kind patient from my last general dental office who had throat cancer and who had undergone radiation and chemo that left him both with severe dry mouth (so tons of caries and needed dental fixes and patch jobs) but also with copious amounts of phlegm. At times, during his treatment he would ask us to pause while he hacked up a huge gob then ever so politely direct my high volume suction to his lips to such it up…oh god, I am literally still gagging while writing this and it’s been 10 years or so since this used to happen. How about you-are you hurling yet 😉

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  3. I could write a moist blog. I am qualified. People have said I am “all wet” for decades.

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