Greater Good

_dsc0232Talking or writing about my faith always gives me a little uncomfortable feeling.  I can talk to my family, children, and close friends about it, but putting it out into the world to be ridiculed is almost unbearable.

There are many moments that I have had among other Christians that were life changing and many moments that were cringe-worthy.  Moments where the expression of a higher love was tainted by a tone of ignorance and judgement.  That’s why it is hard to be a Christian.  We are expected to be representatives of a greater love, but the representatives are a bunch of idiots.  I know it, but I’m still one.  I’m still a Christian.  And I’m still an idiot.

I don’t get it right.  I don’t always participate in the plan.  I’m not always a force for a greater good, even though that’s what I’m called to be.  All I can do is try.  Try.  Fail. Try again.  Keep my heart open to the plan.  Keep my mind focused on a greater good.  Let Him work in me, through me.  And to be a force in the world for good.

For many of us, Christian or not, there is a sense of a greater force.  Something.  Out there.  Beyond human comprehension, but magnificent and good.  For me, that force has a name and being and a story.  This works for me.  This is real for me.  This is true for me.

Many Christians believe that our goal is to get others to be Christian, too.  To win souls for Jesus.  To get everyone into heaven.  This is uncomfortable for me because there was a time that I wasn’t a Christian and if someone tried to “win” me over, I probably would have told them to f*ck off.  Trying to win someone over for Jesus sometimes seems like winning brownie points from Jesus.  We can’t make anyone believe.  I don’t have that power and I don’t want to pretend I do.

Just by virtue of being human with the capacity to love, we are all called to a higher purpose.  To express that love.  Corny, I know.  That ‘s the simplest expression of my faith.  That’s the way I am called to “win” souls.  I just simply love them.  God does the rest.

With the Christian high holy day upon us, I wish everyone a year of great love and great joy.  I hope that you find inspiration to bring forth great works for the greater good.

Happy holidays, friends.


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6 Responses to Greater Good

  1. kathleendell says:

    Merry Christmas, and blessings to you.

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  2. wgr56 says:

    Have a great holiday, Doc!


  3. Deb says:

    I have no business pushing my non-belief onto anyone and I truly appreciate when someone who does hold values and beliefs other than mine stands behind their conviction, but doesn’t try to win me over. I agree, that a purpose for every individual should be to strive for goodness, kindness and love. If we can do that then it shouldn’t matter what’s behind that desire to simply be, and do, good.
    Have a happy holiday with your family 🙂


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