Give Me Insurance or Give Me Death

If you haven’t found the Shinbone Star yet, check it out here.  I’ve reblogged a post I did about the Republicans failed attempt at repealing the ACA.  The folks at the Shinbone Star were spurred on to return to journalism by the Trump attacks on truth.  You see, most of them were retired, enjoying margaritas on the beach, until threats of Fake News ruffled their collective feathers.  Now they are back with a vengeance, setting the story straight, and giving us the truth.  Follow the Shinbone Star, you’ll love it!!

I don’t normally celebrate death. That goes against everything for which I stand. I celebrate, encourage, and delight in life, and took an oath as a doctor that states I will uphold the values of life and first do no harm. That’s why I am so very happy to hear that the Republican response to […]

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  1. dawnkinster says:

    Not exactly related to your post but I need to share. Your photo made me catch my breath and then sit still for a long time. My dad was killed when a semi truck driver failed to see traffic stopped in front of him. He had fallen asleep doing 65 on the freeway and that’s how fast he was going when he hit my dad’s car. Dad died instantly they told us. He would have been DOA at the local hospital. Weeks later the hospital sent him a survey through the mail asking him to rate the service he received at their emergency room. I sent a letter asking them to be more careful as the survey dredged up the pain again. The head of the hospital called me to apoligize. Surreal. All of it.

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  2. Amen! I’d much prefer a doctor that KNOWS me than a “drive-thru McDoctor”! Also, mine knows me enough too that if he IS too busy to get me in, to call me in something or squeeze me in if he felt it warranted that or send me to another dr. How can ANY doctor possibly be effective seeing 50 a day!

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