Take Me to Church

abandoned-church-milfordLet me tell you why church is hard.

Trying to convince me that the Bible isn’t science but it is absolute truth about the beginning of time.  Using examples like giraffes and language to explain divine design.  Making fun of a scientist that said language probably just started with one lone genius who then taught the rest of us words.  A man in the back of the room yelling out, “no that couldn’t be true, a man would never do that, it must have been a woman.”

The whole group groaning.  The women rolling their eyes.  Leaving there feeling that my words are too much.  Not enough.  Just shut the fuck up.  You and me both.

Denying the oven that our world is becoming because God promised no more floods.  But floods still happen.  Yes, but it won’t wipe out the entire human race, just a few people along a river, here and there.  The icebergs are melting the oceans are rising, but it won’t be a flood.  It will be fire.  And only God can do that, we have no way to influence this.  Man made global warming is a hoax.  Only God can do that.

God made man and then He made woman.  But what about mitochondria?  Well, what the hell is that?  Only the main reason we exist.  Some weird glitch in evolution where a bacteria hitched a ride in our cells and powered the whole shebang.  Mitochondria can only be passed from mother to child.  All the mitochondria in all the world came from our mothers.  The poor sperm have no equivalent.  Women do rule the world.  The world just forgot to tell us.  And who’d want to rule this shithole, anyway?

But I believe in God.  I believe in something outside of myself.  I also know that science has not disproven God, but the church is trying to disprove science.  I proclaim we will never know all the answers.  We even ingested the fruit and still to no avail.  We will never know all the secrets, but I still yearn to find out.  I still want to try to unlock the secrets.  I still want to grow closer to God.  I want to learn the mechanisms of the design by the great designer.  Denying science is a denial of God, for we face the explanation of the design and say, no that’s not right.  God wouldn’t do it that way.  He would just say “poof” and that would be it.  No change, no evolving, no becoming.  Even in my own lifetime, I am changing, adapting, becoming.  Following a path that He has imagined to lead to His greatest good.  Church is hard because if they knew I felt this way, they would turn their backs on me and walk away.


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20 Responses to Take Me to Church

  1. montaymd says:

    I know they would send, o send you away!
    I was trying to point out that it is both true and sad at the same time…

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  2. montaymd says:

    That last sentence though…

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  3. Create Space says:

    True love never turns its back and walks away. If you can’t voice your opinions you are voiceless, controlled. My brother changed his faith, I admire his courage for following his own path, I still love him but his path is not for me and I expect him to respect my choices! Agree to differ is the key to happiness!

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  4. I haven’t been to church for more than a year. I miss it … but I can’t bear to see the ugly. So little grace, and so much ugly … So I stay home and love my dog.

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  5. V.J. Knutson says:

    Back in university, in a religious studies course, our prof told us the at the original word – now translated to mean church – meant community. That made so much more sense to me. Build community has purpose and is inclusive. It is hard to believe in an institution that divides and controls. Just my thoughts. On a personal note, I am a deeply spiritual person and believe in a Higher Power. I just haven’t found that presence in a church.

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  6. MIchael Kizer says:

    Find a better church – the all inclusive type.

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  7. Glenn Redus says:

    I left the church in 2003, the year my mother died, though if I’m being honest, I checked out mentally sometime before that. I haven’t regretted it.

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