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I Might Shit My Pants Before its all Over

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to bring Deconstructing Doctor out of semi-retirement. As I write this, the kids are obliviously occupied on their iPads, pretty sure my husband is, too. That Rumba that he bought for Christmas that I … Continue reading

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Glue Gun Control

After my last post, I decided to do something “fun” and stop feeling so deflated.  I had been kicking around some “fun” ideas and landed on one that required a trip to the craft store.  I wanted to make something … Continue reading

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Those who can, should teach.

I love having students.  I’ve had all kinds.  High schoolers considering a career in medicine.  Premed students applying for medical school.  PA students.  Medical students on a family medicine rotation. My partner recently asked me if I get paid to … Continue reading

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10 Minutes Late

I can’t stand being late.  It’s a character flaw or a control issue, I’m not sure which, but I hate being late.  It causes me unbelievable angst.  I have a reoccurring dream/nightmare to prove it.  It takes the “being late” … Continue reading

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