fullsizeoutput_1e43I believe that it is only through sacrifice that we truly find our purpose.  The purpose in all of our lives is to help another without reciprocation.  We don’t get anything in return except a feeling of great accomplishment and peace.  By giving away a piece of ourselves for the betterment of someone else, we become more complete.  We become whole.

Soldiers that leave their families behind to face uncertain death.  Soldiers that fight for the rights of the folks back home to take a knee or burn a flag.

Teachers that spend their own money on art supplies, notebooks, folders for their students.  Teachers that spend time before or after school with that one student that has no one else who cares if they succeed.  That one in a million kid that just might make it out and make something of themselves.

Nurses who take that extra moment to ease another’s pain.  Nurses that are often overlooked, undervalued, but are essential to the welfare of a patient.  They spend 12 hours on their feet despite the pain, full bladders, and growling stomachs, to do the work that is needed to help another.

There were times, I will admit, that I would hear the beeper at 2am, shattering my blissful rest and I would raise my eyebrows, eyes wide, lower lip bitten under my upper teeth, nostrils flared, and I would joyfully pump two middle fingers toward that sound in irritation.  I would begrudgingly walk the dimly lit hallways of the hospital toward the ER for an admission.  This was residency.  I would find one of the fluorescent lights blinking at me.  Mocking me.  And it got two middle fingers, too.

By the time I get downstairs, my irritation diminished.  Time to go to work.  Someone was sick.  In need.  And I was there for them.

If you find yourself feeling hopeless, restless, desperate.  Stop.  Look around.  Count your blessings.  Stop waiting for someone to save you, do something for you, sacrifice for you.  Do something for another.  See others.  A shut-in neighbor.  A single mother.  A soldier home from war.  A teacher friend.  The homeless.  The addicted.  The ill.  The poor.  The lonely.  The desperate.

And make a sacrifice.  Do something for them and expect nothing in return.  You will see a momentous change in your life.  When you think you have nothing to give, give it anyway.  When you have more than you need, you have no excuse.  Feel the guilt of that.

Make a sacrifice today for someone else.  For this troubled world.  For your very soul.





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7 Responses to Sacrifice

  1. Laura says:

    I just read your post “Runner’s Low” and couldn’t figure out how to comment there… so this is actually for that post: Oh my, your writing takes my breath away. I am a runner and my mom has terminal cancer. She is still alive and doing well right now, but I know her death isn’t too far away. I imagine I will feel just as you do. There is something about running that brings our emotions up to the surface. I wonder what that is? I ran through a solid case of PPD after my first daughter was born and became accustomed to sobbing while running… and then feeling self-conscious about sobbing while running. Thank you for sharing yourself so honestly and vulnerably. Much love. ❤

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  2. 2ndhalfolife says:

    My favorite quote that I had hanging on my paramedic office that I would look at when I was feeling like I wasn’t a very smart medic was: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”…. Yes, giving is the most sacred part of life……

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  3. drugopinions says:

    Beautiful. It is easy to be self centered. But we open our eyes and our hearts, we see more suffering around us, people in need of help, any help, any attention that we can offer.

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